Let’s Talk About It: Following your heart on Father’s Day

We don’t question Mother’s day or Father’s day when our loving parents are alive and well.

But life is complicated, as are families. Many children have stepparents with divided loyalties. Some have no parents. These so-called special days are a hardship for some of us. Some families feel the stress of trying to include, mothers, stepmothers, and mothers-in-law, grandmothers, and aunts.
Spending time with a parent who is ill is a gift. Even if your loved one no longer remembers who you are, your memories are still intact. Looking through photos of precious times from years before may be meaningful for both of you.

Spend the day with a “special” father, not yours maybe but a father or grandfather figure whose children are far away or who has no children. And remember those new fathers in your life!

While my beloved father lives on in my heart, he died too early. I think of him daily and he remains part of my life.

If I am in Montreal on Father’s Day I will visit him at the cemetery. I talk to him; I cry to him; I get strength from him.

This would not work for everyone but each person needs to find a way to take care of themselves if these days are stressful.

For those of you who are blessed to have fathers to shower with love, go all out and celebrate!
Happy Father’s Day!

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