Let lessons be the instrument of your desire


Music can break barriers and bring people together. It’s hear music in the park or a party going on without listening (and then humming along in your head)? Travel anywhere and you can be engrossed by a musical presentation without having to know the language.

You are never too old to learn to play a musical instrument or take up singing or dancing. If you pined for piano lessons as a kid, start now. If you wanted to play some cool jazz, pick up a sax. How many boomers out there are in rock bands?

C’mon, it’s time to let out that song in your heart.

At West Island Music Academy, you can decide between half-hour or one-hour lessons on guitar, bass, piano, voice, drums, sax, violin, clarinet, flute, trumpet or percussion. You select the style of music you enjoy: classical, jazz, blues, rock, funk, metal, pop, etc., since the lessons are structured toward teaching the basics of music through your favourite songs.

If you’ve ever wanted to be in a rock band, all aspects of playing in a band are taught. Students learn how to work together to jam, rehearse, compose and perform. Also, the business of how to get gigs and make recordings is covered. Each group records a demo and gains studio experience. Their recording studio is available to rent.

New this year (for you and your grandchildren?) are music programs for children (9 months-4 years old). 61 Place Frontenac, Pointe Claire. 514-505-6606, westislandmusicacademy.com

Once you’ve chosen your lessons, you’ll be off to select your own instrument. You can buy new or second hand, or rent an instrument.

Since 1965, Steve’s Music Store has been the place to go. Encompassing almost a city block, there’s a section for each kind of instrument: guitars, drums, keyboards, mikes, speakers and DJ equipment. Make your way through the rooms to discover books, sheet music, pianos, brass, wind, recording and even karaoke equipment.

If you need an instrument repaired, head here for expert help. If you want to rent before you decide if you really want to play that instrument, this is the place to find whatever you need. 51 St. Antoine St. W. 514-878-2216, stevesmusic.com.

At Italmelodie you can bring your dreams to reality. Any musician, amateur or pro, can buy, rent, trade in, take courses or put together an orchestra at this second-generation 39-year-old music city in Little Italy (and now Laval). From sheet music, DVDs of artistic methods and books, right up to P.A. systems—it’s all here.

Acoustic guitars, drums, stringed instruments, electronic keyboards, percussion, brass, woodwind, digital pianos, DJ needs, software and anything else that makes music is here, from a $1.99 kazoo to a $100,000 grand piano. 250 Jean Talon. 514-273-3224; 3354 St. Martin W., Laval.
450-681-4131, italmelodie.com Facebook: on.fb.me/zqyKK4

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