Keto recipes to keep you going in these uncertain times

From the website “all day I dream about food” comes the easiest, most delicious keto snack ever. The recipe states you’ll net 20 cookies. I only net 12. And I’ve never kept them on the counter for 4 days as the recipe suggests (before refrigerating them). There are two of us and we eat 2 a day. That’s 3 days max. You won’t need to binge because they’re really filling and perfect for the duration of our afternoon scrabble game.

Just googleKeto Butter Pecan Cookies”

My tips for changing up this recipe:

The pecans don’t have to be toasted and I use ¾ cup pecans instead of the ½ cup in the original recipe. For the sweetner, I combine two of them. And I heat the oven to 350, not 325. Otherwise I follow this incredibly easy and delicious recipe with only 7 ingredients and no eggs!

This is by far the easiest keto recipe ever. They taste just like the shortbread cookies I remember from my pre-keto life.

Keto cheese crust pizza

For the crust:

Melt a large hunk of mozzarella, about ¾ lb. in a large baking dish. A round dish works well but you can also use a square one. Don’t worry about parchment paper or greasing the pan when you make the crust. Melting the hunk of cheese will take about 10 minutes (at 350). Make sure the edges aren’t too brown.

Remove the cheese and cool. Mix in ¾ cup of almond flour (maybe a bit more if you think it’s a good idea) and ½ cup cream cheese and mix with your hands until you can form a ball. The dough doesn’t have to be perfectly uniform.

Press the mixture into the pan covering all areas and building up the sides a bit.

Bake for another 15 minutes or until light brown.

Now for the fun part — the toppings:

After you’ve cooled the crust (which can be made earlier in the day) top with all or any the following:

Fresh mushrooms (fry them with onions)

Tomato sauce (from the can or make your own)

Chopped red or yellow pepper

Fresh oregano and basil

Any or all of the following cheeses:

Blue cheese, mozzarella, gouda, cheddar, goat cheese or any other cheese you happen to have in your fridge. No need to grate them. Thin slices will do.


Black or green olives (chopped and pitless)

Top with freshly grated parmesan.

Quantities will depend on the size of your pizza and which ingredients you choose.

Other ideas: Cooked asparagus, broccoli, fresh tomatoes.

Bake for 30 – 40 minutes at 350.

Let cool for ten minutes before slicing.

Warning: One large piece may be enough for a meal. This pizza is much heavier than pizza made with flour but doesn’t leave that after taste or bloated feeling you get from ordinary pizza.

Happy eating!








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