Justin Trudeau & the word on the street

Papineau Liberal Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau in Montreal December 17, 2008. Photo by Blair Gable for Maclean's Magazine

Compiled by Dawson College Feature Writing students

As a result of the federal elections, Harper is finally gone. It almost seems like the country has let out a sigh of relief, especially among the younger generations.

Reactions to the results were fairly supportive around Alexis Nihon and Dawson College the day after the election.

“Canada was ready for a change,” said Alexandre Duguay. “After nine years of being ruled by Harper, Canada was in need of new blood in the office.”

“Harper’s handling of our economy has all been centered on luck, not strategy,” said Emilie Gagnon.

“I think it’s a nice change and change is always good,” said Michael, who works at the Sports Bar.

“I voted for Trudeau and I am happy with the results,” said Marie Miller.

Trudeau’s win is a “breath of fresh air,” said Dawson student, Sophie Landry. “[He] is a young, dynamic and invested — I think he’ll bring the change that the country needs.”

Isam Jundi did not vote Liberal but is still pleased with the outcome. “I’m happy it’s not Harper.”

Xavier Lecours echoed Jundi’s sentiment. “I’m happy they beat the Conservatives at least.”

Trudeau’s namesake gives people mixed feelings about the kind of leader he will be.

Having another Trudeau as Prime Minister is a lot to live up to but it also brings about a sense of comfort to some Canadians.

One of the older voters, Guy Leduc, is familiar with Trudeau as the nation’s leader. “I voted for Pierre-Elliott Trudeau to bring about a better Canada. I voted for his son, so we can return to what we once were.”

Claudio Martucci was excited to vote Liberal because it is “a family tradition.”

“It’s not only a family thing, but an Italian thing,” said Angelo Iannitelli. “Italians always vote Liberal. That’s a fact.”

“We’re getting our Canada back,” said Mei Wong.

“This win marks the end of the dark days,” said Heidi Stubina

Charlie Krawitz said, “As long as it was not Harper who won, I am happier. I think it will be interesting to have a young and charismatic kind of a guy like Trudeau running things and it will shake things up.”

Dawson student E. Cohen thinks a fresh face was needed. “It might sound superficial but it’s really cool that Trudeau even has a young face,” Cohen said. “All the leaders generally are old greyed-hair white men. Just the fact that Trudeau is younger-looking is encouraging.”

Only time can tell if Trudeau will keep the promises he’s made nation-wide. Until then, Heidi Stubina said she was hopeful that “this win marks the end of the dark days.”

This article was written by Feature Writing students of Dawson College: Mara Brian, Rachel Fiter, Anthony Florino, Claire Hadaya, Gabrielle
Jay-Riendeau, Antonio Mastrangelo, Alida Ouy, and edited by Gabrielle Jan-Riendeau and Alida Ouy.

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