Irwin Cotler: Antisemitism new global threat

By Sid Birns

Last month Irwin Cotler spoke to over 300 club members of the Côte St. Luc Senior Men’s Club on international terrorism and antisemitism.
Cotler talked about the explosion of international terrorism and global antisemitism as an assault on our fundamental values and proposed what Canada and the international community should do in the face of these global threats.

The founder and co-chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (ICCA), Cotler said: “The time has come to sound the alarm on this critical mass of Jew hatred. As history has taught us only too well, while it begins with Jews, it doesn’t end with Jews. Antisemitism is the canary in the mine shaft of global evil.”

Cotler later joined the audience in viewing an exhibit of paintings done by the club members. Now in its 27th year, the Club has grown from the original eight members to over 450.

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