Interested in working with seniors? Register now for this 18-week course

Personal Support Worker for Seniors Program
Ometz offers occupational training to become a companion for seniors. Senior care services is a growing industry, and our experts will take you through the steps that are required to work in this field.

This 18-week program will teach you to become a personal support worker, specializing in caring for individuals living with dementia. This unique program combines theory, practice and work experience in the field. You will also receive coaching on how to start your own personal support worker for seniors business. Training modules are led by professionals and include: Mental and physical health, Dealing with family dynamics: Communication skills, Job search techniques, Supervised field placements. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive:

  • CPR card from Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • PDSB training card for performing safe transfers from ASSTSAS
  • Core Training Program in Alzheimer Care from the Alzheimer Society of Montreal (16 hrs).

(Emploi-Québec may subsidize eligible applicants)

Please contact us for more information and tap here for the application form.

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