Hot meals at school: How the Generations Foundation has adapted

Now that Montreal is under code red, schools are extremely cautious when feeding kids. Hot meals are still not accepted in most elementary schools. Schools expect individual packaging for the least possible handling to occur. Under the COVID-19 rules, the students will need nourishment to  sustain them through the day and help calm them. Donations are key to the flexibility of providing a variety of healthy foods.

On request, our drivers are delivering snacks that we purchase in bulk and on sale. We sponsor milk, juice, cheese, eggs and yogurt, delivered with refrigeration once a week. We have no doubt requests will eventually climb to what was needed before the pandemic, maybe more! Last year, we served 8,500 schoolchildren daily in 129 schools and learning centers.

We are supported by student volunteers. The Youth Philanthropy Initiative partners with private schools and with charitable organizations. Students are divided into teams who choose a charity. They prepare information about the charity to present to the administration, student body and parents. The best teams win a monetary prize for their chosen charity. Volunteers fundraise, stock shelves, pack orders, and wrap gifts for the holidays. About 5000 toys or gifts are distributed at Christmas. This year Santa will be wearing a mask. We will continue with our laptop computer award to selected students.

In addition to supporting students, we will continue to respond to requests from individuals or families in crisis who require a food basket to help them over a difficult period. We remain hopeful that we can help to restore a measure of normalcy in filling the daily nutrition needs of youngsters with continued support of donors and volunteers.

Visit, email or call Adrian at 514-933-8585.

We need your donations now more than ever!

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