High tea at Le Wellesley March 26

Before the British ever heard of “a cuppa,” there were only two meals customarily taken in England, breakfast and dinner.

When tea was introduced, the clergy deemed it a sin because it did not come from a “God-fearing” country.

Doctors pronounced it unhealthy and it was taxed so high as to be unaffordable.

Little Queen Victoria longed for a cup through her girlhood but it was frowned upon by her governess, who absolutely refused to indulge. The story goes that one of the first Royal actions the queen took on acquiring the crown was to order a cup of tea.

In honour of the famous queen, and also because tea is so delightful, the residence Le Wellesley will hold a Victoria Day British High Tea on Saturday May 26, 2-4pm.

Tea and all associated “goodies” are free and everyone is invited.

Le Wellesley is at 230 Hymus Blvd. in Pointe Claire. Info: 514 697-7331.

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