Get Hassle-Free Downsizing and Estate Liquidation Assistance

SMSC offers A to Z service, putting sellers in need of offloading merchandise in contact with SMSC’s large association of buyers. They combine technology, great people, and an efficient process to provide individuals and families with much-needed support when dealing with downsizing, content sales, or estate liquidations. Oftentimes, this has to be conducted on short notice.

Services are custom-tailored to each client’s needs, and sales can be conducted either in-person, or via their proven online sales platform (during Covid, the online sales have been preferred). The general procedure includes a free assessment, photography, item evaluation (and appraisal if necessary), advertisement, staging, conducting of the actual sale, and item pick-up. For all of this, there is no charge up-front; rather, they collect an agreed-upon commission on the sales.

SMSC respects all provincial guidelines regarding Covid, and offers curbside pick-up, as well as delivery and shipping for remote buyers. They even offer removal services for unsold items, at competitive rates.

Their website is here:

A short, informative video can be seen here: (also available on the website).

Email Keith here:

Phone here: 855-55STUFF or 514-838-0676

Sell My Stuff Canada was established in Toronto in 2008, when founder Josh Horowitz discovered an underserved niche while assisting his family with the estate of his recently deceased grandmother. Since then, the business has expanded into cities throughout Canada, and is now available in Montreal under the management of Keith Kinsala.

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