Generations Foundation: Working together to make a difference

At the start of the school year, we engage in a flurry of activities to ensure that every day, we can continue to serve hot meals to hundreds of hungry children at inner city schools.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless operation, from cooking hot meals to providing breakfast, quick lunches, and snacks, for more than 8,000 school children daily.

We depend on city crews to salt and plow the roads so we can get to the school buildings in the poor weather conditions we experience during winter. We also depend on our volunteers at the schools to advise us when schools close because of storms. We also keep track of holidays, professional days, and spring break.

Our drivers and helpers start early, picking up the food our caterers cook fresh daily. We must be on schedule. With tight coordination, we are able to fulfill our mission for over 100 schools and learning centers in the Montreal vicinity. This being March, the longer daylight hours energize and give us a sense of re-birth. Our thoughts turn to spring, and the summer ahead when we are able to offer children a stay in the country.



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