Generations Foundation: There is much to learn about your next meal

In many households, food is a non-issue. The day starts with cereal and milk for breakfast, continues with a quick sandwich for lunch, and reliable spaghetti for dinner.

Excuses for lack of variety and failure to prepare meals with higher nutritional value include bad habits, lack of money, limited cooking skills and time. With this in mind, Generations Foundation last month offered student cooking lessons to three grade-six classes at Roslyn School. Provigo’s Chef Grace Lo Dico presented a colourful array of healthy foods from various food groups and easy ways for busy students to prepare quick meals.

The students happily prepared their vegetables and created veggie and cheese pizzas. A variety of breads were used to make sandwich wraps, and the students were shown how they could make a wrap using a romaine lettuce leaf. The students created healthy yogurt and fruit desert.

This partnership worked out well and we hope to get additional financial support so we can expand our cooking program.

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