Generations Foundation: Nourishment key to learning

L–R: Adrian, St. Viateur Mascot, Enrica Uva and Natalie

We live and learn life’s lessons every day. At Generations Foundation we focus on children in a variety of educational settings from pre-school to university. We offer nourishment daily to over 7,700 children in 100 schools and learning centers.

At Elizabeth High, young mothers are taught basic life skills while receiving a regular education and the support to learn mothering skills. We provide them with healthy food on a daily basis along with special ingredients they can use to cook their own meals. It is very moving to see these girls finish their school year and graduate.

At Westmount and James Lyng high schools, students distribute our breakfast program. They prepare, serve and clean up after the meals. In this way, they learn responsibility and the importance of helping fellow students. On special occasions, we provide ingredients such as turkey and vegetables that can be turned into sumptuous meals.

At Dawson College and Women on the Rise, Generations is a major contributor of tailor-made food programs. Young mothers attend university to fulfill their goals, while their children are monitored and provided snacks at Project Chance. Healthy snacks are provided for afterschool fitness programs at the Pointe St. Charles YMCA and Maison Saint- Columba for challenged youngsters. At Dawson, hungry students can pick up snacks in designated areas to help them stay focused during classes.

Our various food programs are the key to attendance, learning and concentration in the school setting.

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