Generations Foundation: Hold fast to your dreams

You should never give up on yourself or on anyone else, just because it’s convenient.

Look around and find someone to make happy. Visit a lonely senior or help out at a community centre or hospital. There are organizations here and abroad striving to improve the lives of vulnerable children by providing clean water, food, and clothing.

Little miracles begin when children are brought into this world. They may turn out to be leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors. This is the raison d’être of Generations Foundation. Since our beginning in 1999, we strongly believe that in helping the young, we are changing the world, one child and family at a time through our food programs, summer camp sojourns, gifts at holidays and bus excursions.

One Nesbitt School graduate, Kristofer Reyes, who received a laptop as his Generations Foundation’s Community and Citizenship Award, said, “I will be using my new laptop to research materials for assignments, projects, or just to be more knowledgeable.” His appreciation and his hope for the future demonstrates that we are on the right track.

We are fortunate to have four Lower Canada College students, Yanni, Kamy, Zoe and Alexa, win the top Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) Prize of $5000 to benefit Generations Foundation. This prize money will contribute to helping more children achieve their hopes and dreams.

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