Generations Foundation celebrates bagels, community support

Larry Seguin (from left), Adrian Bercovici and a supporter at Bagelothon. (Photo courtesy of Generations Foundation)

Generations Foundation’s 10th-anniversary back-to-school Bagelothon, run with our partner St. Viateur Bagel & Café, was a resounding success.

Among notables who attended were N.D.G. councilor Michael Applebaum, Susan Clarke, CTV’s Christine Long, Bob Babinski of Metro 14, and Thelma Gearey of The Senior Times.

Board members were out in force, including Mary Maraj, Wendy Serfaty, Enrica Uva, Bill Brookes, Lenny Miller and James Evans.

School reps from near and far joined the morning lineup to pick up boxes of bagels by the dozen to total more than 10,000 bagels!

Kudos to John Grant High School, the staff of which bought 99 dozen.

Thanks to all the schools that rallied to the cause and to the entire Morena clan who support what Generations Foundation accomplishes in the community, to the donors of services, prizes and food for the Bagelothon breakfast, and the volunteers and staff.

Special thanks to the team of Nicolo Morena and Johnny Azzue, who broke all records to make this Bagelothon the best ever and to make a difference in the lives of children.

Another special partner, Breakfast for Learning, is on board to help Generations Foundation provide nutritious food.

Info: 514-933-8585,

This article is dedicated to the memory of Harry.


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