First Person: New friends discovered at B’nai Brith House

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After being on the waiting list for several years, I got the call in May that there was an apartment available for Marvin and I at the B’nai Brith House at Westminster and Côte St. Luc.

Two years previous, I refused to move because I thought I was too young. This time, at 84, I decided to make the move. We are becoming less mobile and could use some stimulation. Marvin left the decision to me and I decided to go ahead and take a chance.

Well, here we are 10 months later and we couldn’t be happier. We have a beautiful two-bedroom apartment facing an intersection and if I’m bored I can look out the window and see the world go by. From morning to evening our days are filled with activities, thanks to Eileen Katz, our director, leader and woman of valour.

There are activities galore, different exercises every morning and classes in watercolour painting. I have become a female Van Gogh.

Afternoons can be filled with a piano concert, a lecture on current events, inter-generational program and entertainment or birthday parties.

We have monthly outings to operas and plays and this summer visited a chocolate factory.

Don’t forget bingo two evenings a week—I even win sometimes—and weekend movies in house. We have a library, television room, lecture halls and an exercise room.

Then there is Moishe our chef for our full lunches, salad, soup, main and dessert, Monday to Friday. No lunches for me to worry about!

If I ever feel blue, I can go down to the lobby, where jokes and laughter are the order of the day.

We have joined a wonderful, caring family of friends and we couldn’t be happier about our move.

And I can continue with my sales career at The Senior Times.

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