Elder abusers are the big losers, attorney Allan Gold says

A victim of elder abuse loses everything. When it’s physical, the injured party loses the security of his/her person by sustaining bodily harm, pain and even sheer agony. When it’s emotional and psychological, there is a loss of peaceable enjoyment of life as the sufferer is often subjected to bullying, torment and humiliation. lt could be so horrible, bringing great misery, that he or she would call it a living nightmare. When it’s financial and an older person on a fixed income takes a hit, losing money or property, and out of a sense of woe, defeat, and powerlessness, he or she likely loses his optimism, overcome by despair, hardship, and also severe stress. If elder abuse happens in a senior’s residence or a nursing home, it’s probable that he or she already feels not only a loss of independence, but also power and control. But if subjected to endless neglect, confinement, and also enduring wretched living conditions, it could be so awful that a resident might lose the will to live. If this abuse is at the hand of a close family member, friend or by a caregiver, the subject individual will probably pass through stages, experiencing fits of anger at first, thence feelings of heartache, betrayal and abandonment, this ultimately leading to an irrevocable loss of trust.

And for society at large, when we do little or nothing about elder abuse, we lose even more – our self-assurance in being principled, keeping to ‘down home’ values, indeed, our humanity and any belief in considering ourselves decent and civilized! This is heightened by the fact that as the population ages further, there is even greater incidence of cases where seniors are being so victimized. As a result, we are all BIG LOSERS day after day as long as elder abuse occurs and is prevalent.

This said, you may ask: “Does elder abuse really happen in my community? What can I do about it?” I’m so pleased that you asked. Here’s my answer: “Check out my blog next week at http://allanjgold.com/blog/” While I don’t know you, I expect that you like to win. So let’s change things and become BIG WINNERS! See you soon & stay safe.   

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