Editorial: Open yourself to summer adventures

We all deserve the great weather that is unfolding to our collective delight.

The winter was hard, and spring was peppered with rain and cold and unfulfilled expectations. But now that summer is with us, it’s time to take advantage of every daylight moment.

Some of us are lucky enough to get away to country houses north, east, and south where we can be greeted by the morning dew, sounds of birds, and the wind whistling in the trees. Some will spend time with family or friends, at hotels or camping grounds. Getting close to nature when nature is at its friendliest is part of our DNA.

Summer in the city also offers many treats. Those of us who enjoy crowds can sample the free shows at the jazz festival or amuse ourselves with the many Just for Laughs shows featuring local and international stars.

Classical music in a sylvan setting is available at the Lanaudière and Orford festivals and top-level theatre is not too far away at the Stratford and Shaw Festivals in Ontario.

Needless to say, there is nothing as satisfying as a walk in the park right here on Mount Royal, in Cap St. Jacques on the West Island, Jean Drapeau Park on Ste. Helen’s island, or a bit further afield at Oka or St. Bruno.

This is the time to get exercise, breathe fresh air, revel in our great land. We are blessed. Public transit is available. Facilities are well maintained. There are no major security issues.


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