Editorial: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

In Côte Saint Luc, former mayor Robert Libman, is seeking a return to active politics in challenging, incumbent Mitchell Brownstein.

There are no signs of major dissatisfaction with the way Brownstein has been running the city’s affairs since he took over from Anthony Housefather, who became the MP for Mount Royal in 2015.

Brownstein has set aside his law career to concentrate on being mayor. While many mayors of smaller cities continue to hold another job, his decision is commendable.

While Libman has a lot of experience, if elected, he plans to continue to work for the real-estate firm Olymbec and said he would “probably” reduce his hours there. The advantage of a full-time mayor is obvious.

When it comes to the tax burden, Brownstein is proud of a $1.9 million surplus this fiscal year, and the fact it will be paying $4.8 million less over the next three years for central city services. Both add up to possible savings for homeowners and indicate good management.

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