Dr. Ruth on sex & Judaism at Shaar Hashomayim

Compiled by Barbara Moser

On being Jewish and the connection to openness about sex:

“My joie de vivre comes from my Jewish background.”

“I am very Jewish, not Orthodox, but in the Jewish tradition sex was never something to be ashamed of, but on the contrary an obligation for the husband to (satisfy) the wife — to make the best out of that relationship.”

“Even after menopause, the sages said there should be sexual activity. The sages knew it had to be procreation and recreation.”

“In Hebrew the word Ladaat means to know but it also means to have sex. You have to know each other to have sex.”

Dr. Ruth with Shawn Apel at Shaar Hashomayim

Dr. Ruth with Shawn Apel at Shaar Hashomayim

On losing her family and surviving as an orphan:

“I have an obligation to live large and make a dent.”

“When I got on the train (from Germany to Switzerland) at the age of 10, I waved and smiled to my mother and grandparents. I did not know this was the last time I would see them. The fathers had already been taken. My ability to smile came from that early socialization, being an only child.”

On anti-Semitism:

“I am terribly worried about anti-Semitism. Not only about the Holocaust deniers, but about those who have Holocaust fatigue. We have to stand up and be counted.”

On Israel: “I go back to Israel every year. I never thought I would not live in Israel.”

On the loss of a loved one:

“Let your friends and family help you. I don’t say necessarily to go to a bereavement group. Sometimes you don’t want to hear about someone else’s experience. Do something productive to help someone around you.”

On politics:

“I talk about sex from morning to night but now I also talk about politics, which I never did before. Three points (about US politics):

I am so upset about the possibility of women not being able to get an abortion. That means only the rich will get it.”

“A rich country like the US has not enough funding for family planning.”

“I am terribly upset about the children being separated from their parents at the border.”

Immediate advice to her audience at the Shaar Hashamayim:

“If you are a couple, go home and try a position that you never tried before. Call me tomorrow and I’ll learn something new. I always learn from my students.”

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