Cummings Centre launches courses, talks, workshops

Dream expert • Mon. Sept 12

Dr. Ruben Naiman, clinical assistant professor of medicine and sleep and dream specialist at the University of Arizona, will discuss attitudes and approaches to sleep and its impact on our lives.

“One of my greatest concerns around sleep is that we are more dream-deprived than sleep-deprived,” Dr. Naiman notes. “We tend to devalue dreams as superfluous in the modern world and even in science, dreams are considered a stepchild of sleep. Although they occur within sleep, dreaming is a distinct form of consciousness. We must remember that sleep and dreams are natural experiences and learn to trust their guidance.”

The lecture is at 7pm at the Gelber Conference Centre, 5700 Westbury. $12/ member, $20/non-member.

To register: 514-343-3529 # 7365.

Media & the news today • Mon. Sept 12

2pm with Mutsumi Takahashi, CTV News Co-Anchor. $12. Interviewer: Donald Cucciolettta, PhD, Historian.

Road to the White House

• Mon. Sept 19

2-4pm: Insiders information with Donald Cuccioletta. $30.

Music of departed legends course

This course shines a spotlight on legends of rock, blues, jazz, country,
and rhythm and blues, including Otis Redding, Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Hank Williams, Robert Johnson and Amy Winehouse. See rare photos and film clips, hear intriguing tales and connect with fellow music
lovers. Oct. 31 to Dec. 5, 7 – 9pm. $90. With Craig Morrison, PhD, Ethnomusicologist.

Lost Art and the Holocaust

• Wed. Nov 9

1:30pm: Tracey Hill will speak on how the Third Reich conducted the largest art heist in history and why Hitler targeted Jewish artists and collectors. $11,, 5700 Westbury Ave.

Highlights at Cummings


One Stop Shop • Wed. Sept 21

5-9pm: Cummings West is creating
its own shopping centre. Purchase tupperware, scarves, jewellery,
baskets at 96 Roger Pilon, DDO.

Caregiver Balancing Act

• Thurs. Sept 29

7:30pm: An evening with a family
care giving expert, Stephanie
Erickson. $10 for Cummings or
Synagogue members/$18 guests. Beth Tikvah Synagogue,

136 Westpark, DDO

Rewire your brain • Thurs. Nov 3

1-3pm: Gabriela Embon, Life Coach will speak on how the subconscious blocks your ability to have healthy relationships at 96 Roger Pilon DDO. Free for members, non-members $10.

Info: 514-624-5005 # 231

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