Couple has moved in together till the coronavirus is defeated

by Syd Barsky

As we all know, it is important to isolate ourselves because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

On March 11, my girlfriend Beryl Moser and I went to see a musical called Times Are a Changing at the Segal Centre. That was the last time I was in contact with anyone except Beryl. I heard the call to isolate and since I am 89 I decided not to take any chances as if I did contract COVID-19, let’s just say it wouldn’t be good.

I stayed home until March 17, when I decided to visit Beryl at her condo. It was a good decision. She told me that she wanted to clean her kitchen shelves so every day I helped her with cleaning and she organized her items after the shelves were cleaned.

I also made a dish of zucchini, a recipe I got from My Big Fat Greek cookbook. I happen to know the author. It was delicious and I hope to make more meals.

I have four children who live around the world. My daughter Jennifer, who was living in India, decided to leave for Croatia, where her husband was working. After much difficulty and 36 hours of travel she and her three children made it to Zagreb. The day after they arrived, Croatia had an earthquake and they had to go outside. The centre of the city had a lot of damage but they are safe.

My daughter Debra, and Celeste, who is 14 years old, left their home in Tarragona, Spain, and went to Tautavel, France, where the family has a house. It’s a small village quite isolated from the surrounding area. They are quite safe there.

My son David, and Sydney who is 17, live in Boston are isolated in their apartment.

My son Robert lives in Ottawa and he had been in quarantine for 14 days with his wife since he came back from Paris, where he gave a talk on immigration.

Because I do not have family nearby it is wonderful that Beryl has invited me to stay with her. To keep in shape we take walks outside but we keep our distance from any one on the street. The building where Beryl lives has a long corridor, which is ideal for long walks.

Between watching the news, reading, preparing meals, having coffee and doing Wordscape, we are pretty busy. The days seem to go very quickly. I plan to stay with Beryl until this virus is defeated.

We are better together!

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