Côte St. Luc Men’s Club: A few young guys meet for breakfast

by Sid Birns

Nine for breakfast but not at Tiffany’s. Instead we met at Allô! Mon Coco! We try a new restaurant every Friday morning. Each member chooses a restaurant that is
either new or an old favourite.

It’s a fun time. We talk about many subjects but never try to solve the world’s problems even though we have a combined total of 795 years of life experience. As members of the Men’s Club, we have volunteered to give back to the community as V Cops, Jewish Eldercare, working at the Maimonides, Cummings Centre, and giving blood when needed.

One of the breakfast clubbers who is a mere 79, is considered the “kid” and with that, there’s a lot of kibbitzing that goes on.

We all look forward to our Friday breakfasts. There’s a feeling of great camaraderie and that’s what this is all about.

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