Centaur Theatre presents Bus Stops


March 1 to 27
Centaur Theatre proudly presents the English-language world premiere of Bus Stops, produced by the Montreal company Theatre I.N.K.

The original French version, Lignedebus, written by Theatre I.N.K. Co-founder and Co-Artistic Director, Marilyn Perreault, appeared at Théâtre Aux Écuries in February of 2014. Jostling along the bustling city streets, the hidden dreams, fears and secrets of a group of passengers on a public bus merge and collide. A catastrophe brings a coroner to the bus’ burned out carcass to unearth the mystery behind the tragedy. One by one, the conjured passengers reveal their stories of love, isolation and rejection, as time shifts backwards and forwards to expose the startling and unexpected truth. Théâtre I.N.K. plumbs the human spirit in a stunning and evocative blend of physicality, storytelling and live video.

“For its wild ride and acrobatic passengers, I recommend you get on that bus.”
-Revue JEU

“I became aware of this play through Emma Tibaldo, the Artistic Director of Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal, and her husband, Michael Leon, who designed the sound and music for Lignedebus and Bus Stops. They urged me to see it and what a gem of discovery! It’s a brilliant blend of performance styles that brings a comical, tragic, and soulful story to life,” said Roy Surette, Centaur’s Artistic and Executive Director.

“Théâtre I.N.K.’s work is always a combination of contemporary text with elements of movement and imagery theatre, such as puppets, video, etc.,” explained Ms. Perreault.

“For Bus Stops it was important to me to truly represent Montreal in all its multi-culturalism and bilingualism. It’s also a wonderful play to introduce teens to live theatre because the movement, music, and video are so much a part of their world; they’re intrigued to discover that live theatre can include these elements.”

Centaur Theatre is at 453 St. François-Xavier. 514-288-3161

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