Centaur Theatre announces 2016-2017 season

centaur ConstellationConstellations
Oct. 4-30

Two people. Infinite possibilities. A fantastical journey to parallel worlds where Marianne, a physicist and Roland, a beekeeper, fall in love, over and over again, in a multitude of ways. Every choice they make has a different, life-altering outcome, questioning whether our lives are the result of free will or fate. A romantic, intimate, quantum mechanics comedy about love, friendship, destiny and honey!

centaurThe WatershedThe Watershed
Nov. 8-Dec. 4

Join Seeds playwright, Annabel Soutar, and her family (including the dog) on a comical, cross-country trek to Fort McMurray to get the inside scoop on another probing Canadian story ripped from the headlines. See the complex environmental and economic issues surrounding Alberta’s oil sands and Ontario’s Experimental Lakes Area, first through the playwright’s investigative journalism, then through the optimistic eyes of the next generation. What kid wouldn’t jump at the chance to turn their summer holiday into an educational expedition? Last one in the RV has to name all 58 lakes!

centaur BakersfieldBakersfield Mist
Jan. 31-Feb. 26

A kitsch-infested trailer park in Southern California. Hard-drinking, chain-smoking, down-and-out, Maude Gutman is convinced she bought an unknown Jackson Pollock masterpiece worth millions at a junk shop. The question is whether the highbrow art expert, Lionel Percy, will agree. He’s about to find out what makes art, and people, truly authentic. 

centaur YouWillRemeberMeYou Will Remember Me
March 7-April 2

Venture into Edouard’s slowly changing world, where the highly respected professor, political figure and ladies’ man can recite famous historical dates but can’t remember what he ate for breakfast. When a suppressed memory springs to life in the form of a cell phone-obsessed young girl he confuses for a lost family member, he gets a chance to reinvent the past and heal old wounds. A touching and refreshingly funny story about family, memory, and connection.

centaur Clybourne ParkClybourne Park
April 4-30

Travel back in time to Chicago, 1959, to an all-white, middle class neighbourhood. Spinning off of Lorraine Hansberry’s seminal play A Raisin in the Sun, Bev and Russ have sold their house to a black family, upsetting the ‘social order’ and creating havoc among their friends. Act II fast-forwards to 2009 and the tables are turned when a white couple’s attempt to buy and tear down the same house – now in an all-black neighbourhood – is met with equal opposition. Bruce Norris looks at prejudice, property, and political correctness, then and now, in a blisteringly funny satire.

centaur bed and breakfastBed and Breakfast
April 25-May 21

In a bold move from urban Toronto to a tiny tourist town, two gay men decide to convert the family residence into a B&B. Playing dozens of male and female characters – from narrow-minded rednecks to awkward high school boys – the real estate rat race, reno hell, and small town prejudice test the couple’s resolve, with more than a few unexpected and hilarious plot twists. A heartwarming comedy about living ‘out’ in the country, skeletons in the closet, and finding a place to call home.

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