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Julia and Jamie vs. The Kitchen — which one takes the cake?

BY: BARRY LAZAR When I cook, there is often a battle between my two masters—the mentor and the teacher. My cooking mentors speak to me in volumes. They are wonderful practitioners with lots to convey. They inspire me. They are alert to correct but don’t intrude. I open their books […]

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Eatz Encore … et encore

BY: Barbara Moser Eatz Encore is just what its name suggests. You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll go back for more. At their busy location in Westmount, 4824 Sherbrooke, Eatz is a lively, mainly takeout resto specializing in deli-style sandwiches, scrumptious salads sold by weight or in a special combo […]

Antoine welcomes his customers like close friends. Photo: Barbara Moser
Food / Reviews & Previews

How to keep customers, in one royal step

BY: BARBARA MOSER Being treated like a princess at cafés always makes me want to go back for more. One of my favorite café owners in Montreal is Antoine, who runs Second Cup on de Maisonneuve with warmth and panache, greeting his regulars as though they were his closest friends. […]

Hank Teav’s bakery, Yuki, offers the best rye bread in town, plus desserts to die for, Barbara Moser says. Photo: Barbara Moser

Eat your way along Sherbrooke in Westmount

BY BARBARA MOSER To continue on our hungry way along Sherbrooke in N.D.G./Westmount to my favourite outdoor eateries, let’s begin with Yuki, a Japanese bakery and café with everything from take-out bento boxes to glorious layer cakes that look so splendid they would do nicely for a wedding! On their […]