Atwater Library image courtesy of Jeangagnon, Wikimedia Commons

Atwater Library benefit raises $80,000

One of the great annual benefit parties for various good causes around town is that of the venerable Atwater Library and Computer Centre. On the eastern edge of Westmount, with a thin, triangular slice that overlaps Montreal, this bi-city cultural hub has a respected history and a dedicated corps of […]

Canada geese have the potential to become 
emotionally attached to humans who care for them. (Photo by Hayley Juhl)

Help feed the birds (it’s tuppence a bag) of Le Nichoir

  Le Nichoir, the largest rehabilitation centre for aquatic and songbirds in Canada, received seven baby Canada geese this summer. Caring for these birds is difficult because they easily become attached to humans and if that happens, it is impossible to release them into the wild, which is Le Nichoir’s […]

This photo of Joe King was a gift to Barbara Moser from the King himself.

Appreciation: The ST’s King of the one-liners will be missed

We have lost our Joe King and we will miss him. Joe was the associate editor of The Senior Times in the late ’80s and early ’90s and a talented and comical addition to our staff. Joe was always … you guessed it … jo(e)king. He died October 26 at […]

“We’re larger, we’re stronger, we’re healthier,” Richard Adler says. (Photo by Irwin Block)
Features / Health

The future is a (baby) booming place, visionary says

Never trust anyone over 30, we were told in the forever-young 1960s. Now that the Baby Boomer generation is pushing into their late 60s and early 70s, a well-known futurologist took a look at where we are heading and came up with some fascinating conclusions. Richard Adler, a distinguished fellow […]

Sébastien Bourgault estimates he memorized 900 Reader’s Digest jokes. (Photo courtesy of Sébastien Bourgault)

Yuk-Yuks Cabaret: A higher calling?

The great playwright George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.” The link between laughter and tears is a longstanding one and it is in moving from one to the other that we […]

Harry Hurwitz, 92, recalls his time in the Canadian navy and as a WWII prisoner of war. (Photo by Irwin Block)

Remembrance Day: The captain yelled out, “Abandon ship!”

On November 11, we remember those who served our country, but for Harry Hurwitz the day he can’t forget is April 29, 1944. That was the day Hurwitz and other victims of a German torpedo attack on his Canadian ship ended up in the English Channel, struggling to survive. At […]

André Picard photo by Peter Ford / Pinpoint National

Health-care focus should switch to prevention: André Picard

André Picard’s romance with journalism began as an extracurricular affair. While studying administration in the mid-1980s at the University of Ottawa, he developed a passion for writing as a music reviewer for the student newspaper, The Fulcrum. Instead of becoming an accountant or business executive, Picard earned a second degree […]

Panelists Mira Sucharov (from left), Hagai El-Ad and Rabbi Lisa Grushcow. (Photo courtesy of New Israel Fund Canada)

Israeli hotline that aids women supported by Canadian group

  “Ruthi” belongs to an ultra-Orthodox Israeli community. After suffering for eight years with an abusive husband, she turned to a 24-hour hotline serving the country’s most vulnerable people. It was an act of desperation, not without huge consequences, including the possible loss of custody of her children, Orit Sarfaty […]

Walk cautiously in the snow! An even better idea: Stay indoors.

How to adjust your cane

The Senior Times welcomes guest writer Marla Nayer, PhD. Nayer is a physical therapist. One of my pet peeves is watching people use canes that are adjusted incorrectly. On many occasions I have gone up to people on the street, introduced myself, and offered to adjust their cane to the […]

Film director Alain Chartrand was marked by the events of October 1970.

Filmmaker shines a light on a tragic moment in Quebec history

For those who lived through it, the October Crisis of 1970 is a disturbing memory. The federal government’s imposition of the War Measures Act that saw close to 500 citizens arrested and held without charge still bitterly divides Quebecers. When Front de libération du Québec leader Paul Rose died last […]