Geraldine Doucet. Photo by Richard Belanger

Geraldine Doucet celebrates new adventure

The veteran actress is now the first director of theatre at Projet C & D (Centre héritage pour aînés), a new Montreal North senior day centre. Their planned internet radio channel will offer seniors the chance to tell their life stories and participate in Doucet’s Radio Theatre Project. “I am […]

"Phishing" by Stomchak - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Phishing.JPG#mediaviewer/File:Phishing.JPG

Facebook fraudsters exploit new territory

This summer, a public education campaign was launched in Nanaimo, BC, after one local senior was defrauded of almost $7,000, another lost $3,500 and a third unwittingly gave away $24,000. The method used was the now well-known grandson scam, which first appeared in 2008. It victimizes seniors by playing on […]

Sébastien Froidevaux (L) with Rev.Pierre Rivard (R)
(Photo by Kristine Berey)

Catholic Church engages in healing

A reporter asked Pope Francis last summer a question about the status of gay priests in the church. While his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI had characterized homosexuality as “an intrinsic moral evil,” Pope Francis answered: “Who am I to judge them?” His attitude reflects a time of renewal and openness […]


Lose weight and feel great? It’s not too late

Being overweight is not a good thing, especially when you’re older. My battle with the bulge began when I stopped smoking 20 years ago, exacerbated by the side effects of medication. Even though I stopped drinking alcohol, I remained 30 to 40 pounds above the suggested weight for someone of […]

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Limitless Learning: Learn to read and play music

So you have that old clarinet sitting around the house, haven’t played it in years, and have that urge to make music. Or, maybe you never got to join the high-school band to play trombone, but it’s something you’d love to do. Now, seniors of all ages, who want to […]

Robert Libman believes his political and professional background are a good fit

Former CSL mayor Robert Libman back in action in Mount Royal for Tories

For many who have experienced the political trip, once is more than enough. But for Robert Libman, the pull of being a player hasn’t lost its grip. Co-founder of the Equality Party, former mayor of Côte St. Luc, and member of the Montreal executive committee, Libman is seeking the Conservative […]

Now 73, Dr. Jonathan Meakins is enrolled as 
an M.A. student in Fine Arts at Concordia University.

Renowned surgeon Jonathan Meakins goes for master’s in art history

Going back to school as a mature student is never easy, especially if you’re over 70. If you’re also six feet four, a confident and accomplished professional, with an Order of Canada in your lapel, fellow classmates less than half your age may feel intimidated. You’re sharing class rooms and […]

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Rental board needs tax money to meet tenants needs: advocates

It’s become commonplace for tenants to live with mice and mould for almost two years after filing a complaint to the Régie du Logement. Housing advocates have been campaigning for many years to reduce wait times for a hearing, but the problem has only worsened. “Compared to last year it […]

Just for Laughs: Comics throw trashy humour to the curb
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Just for Laughs: Comics throw trashy humour to the curb

  On the eve of International Women’s Day, standup comic Jenny Collier, 30, was cancelled from a comedy show despite having already been booked, because there were “too many” women. “I was completely dumbfounded, not only by the fact that I was cancelled for this reason but also by the […]

RECAA and Contactivity members danced at the Atwater Library to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

RECAA highlights elder abuse in unique ways

An audience diverse in age and background got a leg up on elder abuse recently. “We have to be intercultural when we look at the issues involved in elder mistreatment,” said RECAA coordinator Anne Caines. “It occurs in all cultural communities and all classes.” RECAA’s full name is a mouthful: […]