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Bullied into a life lesson

BY: BRENDA HENRY The movie Bully, a documentary on peer-to-peer bullying in schools across America, shows punishing scenes of young students being kicked, poked and stabbed with pencils, knocked off bus seats, ignored and isolated….

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Estate planning could include gift-giving

BY: DEBORAH LEAHY Many people have discovered that gifting assets while they are alive is a valuable estate-planning technique for passing wealth on to their adult children. One of the most important benefits of making…

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Prepositions? What are you talking about?

BY: HOWARD RICHLER Freshman: “Sir, can you tell me where the dining hall is at?” Professor: “Don’t you know that you shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition?” Freshman: “OK, can you tell me where…

Sonya Thomas proves she can eat with the big boys, strapping on a hot-dog belt. Photos: Neil Abramson for Major League Eating

The hot-dog days of summer

BY: HARRY ROLNICK I once asked the late Sir John Gielgud why he appeared in such a crummy movie as Satyricon. “My dear boy,” he said, “one can’t play Hamlet every night.” Or resist participating…