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Sun Youth Bike Patrol gets ready to roll through the summer
Here at Sun Youth
by Nicolas Carpentier
For the 23rd consecutive summer, the Sun Youth bike patrol will act as the eyes and the ears of the Montreal Police in the city ’s parks, on bike paths and on main streets. 26 patrollers will work closely with 11 neighborhood police stations (NPS) throughout the Montreal Island.
Once again this year, the Sun Youth bike patrol will provide its teenaged members with their first work experience. These eight youths will form the “Teens on Patrol” unit, each one paired with a senior patroller. This initiative allows more experienced patrollers to pass on their knowledge.
For the first time, the Sun Youth bike patrol will work in close partnership with the Canadian National Railway Police. One of the missions of the railway police is to monitor the number of people crossing over tracks outside the designated areas, a dangerous behavior that the CN wants to eliminate.
Throughout the summer, the bike patrol will represent Sun Youth at public events. Génie Vélo, a series of bike safety workshops for children, will be presented in association with the Montreal Police. The bike patrollers will work with the Office Municipal d ’Habitation de Montréal on their July 1 housing operation, by helping people move. Sun Youth patrollers will take part in crime prevention projects developed by the Montreal Police, as well as partner with the City of Montreal to organize a new cleaning project called Montreal.Net.
As in past years, the Bike Patrol will pay special attention to senior citizens. Visits will be made to residential and long-term care centers, bringing company and conversation to residents. During heat waves, the patrollers will advise seniors on how to stay cool and avoid complications. Patrollers will also be dispensing home safety tips.
The Sun Youth Bike Patrol will be active until August 11. Before becoming a member of the Bike Patrol, each patroller received a CPR training and followed a bicycle safety course. Patrolling bicycles are equipped with a first-aid kit, a blanket, and Sun Youth teddy bears. Patrol teams are equipped with walkie-talkies, so that they can communicate with the police and each other. Dorel Industries donated 30 new Schwinn bicycles to the bike patrol.
Call 514-842-6822 to contribute to Sun Youth.


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