Breakfast Clubbers do lunch with member at Richardson

By Sid Birns

It all started when Jack Frank met George Nashen. They met as kids before WWII. When the war broke out, Jack enlisted in the RCAF and so did George, who served in London, England till the end of the war.

Both re-entered civilian life and became successful entrepeneurs. They retired and joined the Côte St. Luc Senior Men’s Club. There were six of us and I believe it was at one of the Thursday meetings, maybe five or six years back that we got together and came up with the idea of meeting
for breakfast every Friday morning. The group included Beryl Peletz, Archie Katz, Josh Kayson, Jack Frank, George Nashen and Sid Birns.

The name was the Breakfast Clubbers, and our purpose was to get together, have conversation and a bit of camaraderie.

In winter, we six migrated to Florida and that became known as Côte St. Luc South. Three more joined — Peter Sternberg, Harry Abramovitch, and Jack Lackman — and now we are nine and we’ve decided to keep it to nine. Fewer were able to return to Florida. Recently, George Nashen had an unfortunate accident, which put him in the hospital.

After a couple of tough months, he is now at the Richardson Center in NDG. Beryl Peletz came up with the idea of having a breakfast there with George. We checked it out and came up with a lunch instead. It came together Friday, October 13.

We arrived a tad early, made our way to the second floor cafeteria, and took the table to the far left. We left the seat at the head of the table for George. Ten minutes later, George came rolling in, in his wheel chair with a big smile to a rousing round of applause. As he settled in, he thanked us all for coming.

Then it started: the kibbitzing, the friendly verbal jousting. That’s when we all realized how much we’d missed George. He was the one who got us started on conversation as well as controversial issues.

It was then time for George to get back to his physiotherapy and for us to get back to whatever it is we do as retirees. Before George had to leave, we took a group photo with our thumbs up for George’s quick recovery and our promise to return for a brunch.

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