Barbara Moser on coronavirus: ‘Far-reaching measures’ should be tougher

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I was heartened to hear our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, impose new regulations on travelers and on all of us.

What struck me is that he said we should all stay at home. Not just seniors over 70. All of us!

“All Canadians as much as possible, should stay home,” he said. We must take him seriously!

Yesterday I went for a walk with Irwin and Rufus (our little dog) and noticed quite a few people shopping but almost no one going into cafés. That’s a plus but it just isn’t enough.

I saw seniors walking along Monkland, waiting for buses and carrying shopping bags. Again, I urge you to ask friends and family to shop for you.

You can’t afford to get this virus! This virus is not going away! More people will get it, no matter what.

What is now a request should become mandatory!

Bars are closed, but restaurants should close, too.

I met a resto-owner on Monkland who told me she is still welcoming seniors to “come have a bowl of soup for lunch and then take something home.”

Really? This is folly. Seniors should not be spending any time in restaurants, not one minute. They should call in their orders and have them delivered. Better still, ask a friend to stock up on frozen food for you.

Our government was not proactive enough when it comes to travelers and airports. You can’t tell everyone to come home one day and not be ready for them a day later.

Airports are not ready and have not been instructed on how to deal with incoming Canadians. It’s not enough to ask them questions about how they feel. They need to have their temperatures taken. When I left March 6 on Air China, they took our temperature twice. Things are much worse now. Why aren’t health professionals staked out at the airport taking passengers’ temperatures?

Cuba had doctors at the airport in Havana as early as March 6. At the time, they had no cases. Why can’t Canada be tougher?

I’ve heard from a friend that his family has just returned from Florida and don’t think they have to self-isolate. How selfish and ridiculous! He is worried because he has had a heart attack!

And do we have to let in Americans? Ridiculous! Perhaps Americans will come here thinking we’ll look after them better than their own country would.

Close the borders to Americans! My daughters live in California but the last thing I want is for them to visit Canada now. They are dual citizens. Whatever! They are staying home! Travelling now is ridiculous!

Our borders should be closed to everyone who is not Canadian and is not delivering food or much needed supples!

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