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Restaurant review: Pasteizza

With its friendly staff, calm, intimate atmosphere, and incredible food, Pasteizza is a must-visit for anyone searching for pizza, pasta — or paradise.

A sign in Finland warns citizens to beware of pickpockets.

Be a shopper, not a victim

Criminals can be very creative in their modus operandi.

Editorial: Conservative legacy includes neglect of ailing vets, voter suppression

Editorial: Conservative legacy includes neglect of ailing vets, voter suppression

At a time when Canada is flexing its military muscle by participating in the bombing of ISIS positions in Syria, it is shocking and unacceptable to learn how this government is treating our veterans.

Montreal from downtown. Photo by Hayley Juhl
What's Happening

What’s Happening in Montreal, January & February 2015

No need to hunker down for the whole winter — there are tons of things to do, just a stone’s throw away.

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Tax time: Revenue Canada puts out call for volunteers

Revenue Canada is seeking non-profit organizations and volunteers with knowledge about personal income tax to complete income tax returns for the less fortunate.

Edwina hosts live music groups on Fridays. Photo Thomas Southmayd
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Edwina earns her spot in N.D.G.’s comfort food scene

Anna and I had just finished a 6pm class on Monday night and were on the hunt for something new for dinner, not knowing exactly what we were craving.

Jack Kerouac by photographer Tom Palumbo, circa 1956
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Kerouac’s On the Road: Revisiting a Beatnik classic

I first read On the Road by Jack Kerouac when I was 15, on vacation with my parents at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.

PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer's disease.
What's Happening

Alzheimer’s conference takes place Jan. 20

This year’s Marva Whyte Alzheimer’s Awareness Conference held on January 20 is titled Confusion, Delirium and Dementia – The Myth and Reality of Aging.

Canada’s 50-cent piece … the forgotten coin?

Canada’s 50-cent piece … the forgotten coin?

What used to be an important part of daily commerce is now relegated to history, and the cabinets of coin collectors.

Miranda Campbell says we need to gawk less and appreciate what hipsters are actually doing. Photo courtesy of Miranda Campbell

Hipsters don’t deserve our derision: Montreal author

By Alice Reiter Hipsters can be recognized by many from a mile away. Their skinny jeans, flannel shirts and full beards make spotting them easy, but also make them the target of ridicule in pop culture. Miranda Campbell, a hipster analyst and member of Dawson’s English department, was a speaker […]