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A sea of green surrounds Tucker's Barn in Tunbridge, Vermont. (Photo: M.S. Maguire)

In Tunbridge, Vermont, history is in the front seat

If we Canadians decide to invade Vermont this summer, let’s be more pleasant about it than we were in 1780. In October of that year, 300 aboriginals under the command of British soldiers took 28 Tunbridge-area boys and men prisoner. Known as the Royalton Raid, it was the last gasp […]

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Hudson Village Theatre artistic director comes full circle

BY DANIEL SAILOFSKY After 20 years of professional theatre, opera and everything in between, Hudson Village Theatre artistic director Heather Markgraf has come full circle. Markgraf is back at the helm after eight years, just in time for the 20th anniversary celebration. She rejoins the company with a new board […]


Common Cents: What would we do without Dad?

BY IVAN CONS One of the most anticipated events of the year, at least in my house, is upon us. On June 17, dads old and new, as well as granddads, are singled out for all the things they do throughout the year. Many Dads are unsung heroes diligently fulfilling […]

First Person: Gilles Pelletier’s paintings coloured an era

First Person: Gilles Pelletier’s paintings coloured an era

BY SANDRA SCHACHTER Each day on my way to the office, I pass an antiques store and take a brief moment to gaze at the magical paintings displayed in the window. They start my day with sunshine. But as I walked by recently, I noticed that the paintings were no […]


Editorial: Student movement rejects limitations of democracy

On June 7, 1960, the Quebec Liberal Party made this election promise in a Le Devoir newspaper ad: Free education, from kindergarten through university, along with subsidies for room, board, and clothing, for students with the required ability and desire. The promise was part of the package of fundamental changes […]