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Stephanie Argerich tells the story of her pianist mother in Bloody Daughter. (Photo courtesy of RIDM)
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RIDM: Let the world come to you

Martha Argerich is recognized as a titan of the piano. At the age of 8, she performed Mozart and Beethoven concertos on stage, going on to win the most prestigious international piano competitions and launching a stellar career. Throughout her life however, she remained an intensely private person, shunning the […]

Film director Alain Chartrand was marked by the events of October 1970.

Filmmaker shines a light on a tragic moment in Quebec history

For those who lived through it, the October Crisis of 1970 is a disturbing memory. The federal government’s imposition of the War Measures Act that saw close to 500 citizens arrested and held without charge still bitterly divides Quebecers. When Front de libération du Québec leader Paul Rose died last […]

Marguerite Bilodeau is a harp-playing Raging Granny.

Raging with the Grannies is just one of the things she does

Marguerite Bilodeau will never mind if you ask her how old she is, because age is something she celebrates. Bilodeau, who is part of the Raging Grannies, is set to begin her latest adventure—a 21-day tour, with her guitar and harp in tow, to Rimouski, the Gaspé and the Magdalen […]

A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam. (Photo by Stephane D'Alu, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Anne Frank and Eva Schloss, sisters in tragedy

In her three books and countless talks to young people and adults, Eva Schloss, 84, has been keeping alive the legacy of the Holocaust. It is not a freely chosen vocation, but rather it became her destiny when her mother married Anne Frank’s father, Otto. The small diary Anne left […]

International inaction has fuelled the killing in Syria: Cotler

International inaction has fuelled the killing in Syria: Cotler

Having just returned from Israel, Mount Royal MP Irwin Cotler recently described what he calls the “critical mass of threat unlike anything that we have seen” surrounding that country. “It’s one thing when you’re reading about it, it’s another thing when it’s happening literally next door,” he said in his […]

Senior-friendly Montreal park inaugurated

Senior-friendly Montreal park inaugurated

A park dedicated to seniors was inaugurated last month thanks to an initiative by the Quebec government to create senior-friendly cities. “In 2011, the mayor of Montreal confirmed the city’s commitment to Municipalite Amie des Aines, and we subscribed to different principles of that program, going from words to action,” […]

Early detection of cancer could mean many more years of hand-holding. (Photo: stock.xchng)

Ovarian cancer isn’t a silent killer. When it whispers, listen

Ovarian cancer has bothered medical professionals for a long time, says Dr. Lucie Gilbert, director of gynecological oncology at the MUHC, because unlike in breast, colon and other cancers, very little progress has been achieved in the last three decades. “Ovarian cancer rates are flat,” Gilbert says. “It is recognized […]

A cut-leafed Crane’s-bill. (Photo: DAlvesgaspar, Wikimedia Commons)

‘Trade, not aid’ — changing the world with eco-preneurs

Who has not heard of the benefits of echinacea, St. John’s wort, lavender and peppermint? They’re not just used to make tea. Medicinal plants are ubiquitous in food supplements, medications and a myriad of personal-care products, including skin creams and shampoo. According to the World Health Organization, 80 per cent […]

The film Denis will close the Montreal International Black Film Festival. (Photo courtesy of the festival)
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Black film fest highlights local, global talent

Montreal is a film buff’s paradise, where major film fests seem to take place back to back. In its ninth edition, the Montreal International Black Film Festival takes place September 18 to 29. It holds a special significance, coming one month after the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King […]

Photo courtesy of Louise Lecavalier

Louise Lecavalier’s perpetual dance of life

She has been described as “a flame on legs,” her frenetic, daring energy “a true force of nature.” But in person, having coffee in the Plateau, Louise Lecavalier exudes a sense of simplicity, lightness and calm that belies the incredible physical power within her. Lecavalier made her mark almost immediately […]