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RECAA and Contactivity members danced at the Atwater Library to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

RECAA highlights elder abuse in unique ways

An audience diverse in age and background got a leg up on elder abuse recently. “We have to be intercultural when we look at the issues involved in elder mistreatment,” said RECAA coordinator Anne Caines. “It occurs in all cultural communities and all classes.” RECAA’s full name is a mouthful: […]

Allison Bale and Nancy Philippas work as a team in Philippas' backyard garden
What's Happening

The dirt on intergenerational gardening in N.D.G.

Through an N.D.G. intergenerational gardening program, Nancy Philippas was matched with Allison Bale for help with her garden. Having arthritis in one hip, Philippas says she can’t do as much bending and digging as she used to. For her part, Bale is fairly new to gardening and has been getting […]