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Patrick Jr., Patrick, and Josephine MacFadden. (Photo: Lois Siegel)

A tribute to Patrick D. MacFadden

A university education is much more than lectures, books, research papers, and exams. It’s about the people you meet, professors and fellow students, the extra curricular activities you take part in, and the resulting ideas, debates, and insights.

CD Review: Trio 3 + Vijay Iyer (Wiring/Intakt)
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CD Review: Trio 3 + Vijay Iyer (Wiring/Intakt)

Trio 3 is alto saxophonist Oliver Lake, and the tough-to-beat rhythm section of bassist Reggie Workman, and drummer Andrew Cyrille.

CD Review: Baptiste Trotignon  (HIT/Naïve)
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CD Review: Baptiste Trotignon (HIT/Naïve)

There is an overwhelming sense of joy and playfulness in this latest album by French pianist Baptiste Trotignon, who has never sounded better.

Margaret Lock, professor of social studies in medicine at McGill. (Photo by Irwin Block)

Life choices may influence Alzheimer’s, researcher says

A clinical trial based in Medellin, Colombia, could help us understand how to identify and possibly treat Alzheimer’s disease. Margaret Lock, professor of social studies in medicine at McGill, cited this study as part of her overview of the research in The Alzheimer’s Enigma in an Aging World at this […]

Russian rabbi, artist unknown.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman and his peers fight for human rights

For Rabbi Arik Ascherman, a human rights activist in Israel and the Occupied Territories, it is important for Palestinians to see a kippa-wearing Jew on their side.

Chaja and Elizabeth Wajnberg, with Srulec and Lusia, Lodz 1949. (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Wajnberg)
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Review: Sheymes, A Family Album after the Holocaust

As survivors of the Holocaust dwindle in numbers, the burden of memory and the compulsion to record falls on the shoulders of their offspring.

Frank Baylis

Frank Baylis, Anthony Housefather, Anju Dhillon win Liberal nominations

For many, including established Liberals, it was a big surprise.

Michael Eastman cooks up a storm at New Hope seniors centre.

New Hope springs in N.D.G.

In a quiet, leafy corner of N.D.G. sits a small church where an organization with an earthly mission carries out its daily work. Located in the Kensington Presbyterian Church at Godfrey and Kensington, New Hope is a senior citizens’ day centre staffed by people with various health challenges. It serves […]

Photo courtesy of Shen Yun 2015
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Preview: Shen Yun 2015

Once referred to as the Sleeping Giant, China is set to overtake the U.S. in ten years as the world’s biggest economy. What about its culture?

Photo courtesy of stock.xchng

Health reform fails to protect English, advocate warns

Some 150 activists, past and present, and those who support their work, dined at the St. James Club on Union St. to pay tribute to the leadership, selfless dedication, and achievements of James Hughes, Eric Maldoff, and Marjorie Sharp.