Acclaimed Bad Jews back at Segal

The hit play Bad Jews strikes a chord with audiences because it mixes a comedic approach with discussions that cover deep issues of generational change, ethno-
cultural values, and continuity.

The play was a smash hit and held over when it played at the Segal Centre last year.

Because of its popularity and continuing relevance, the play, written by Joshua Harmon, is returning for 21 performances November 8-26 at the intimate Segal Centre Studio.

It features most of the same cast and is directed by Segal artistic director Lisa Rubin.

The setting is simple: the cramped Manhattan apartment where three cousins gather to mourn the death of their grandfather. A dispute develops over who deserves to inherit a family heirloom that is steeped in history.

Who is more Jewish? What lies ahead for young Jews living in North America where blending in is becoming the norm?

Three members of the original cast will be reprising their roles: Jamie Elman plays Liam Haber, the fast-talking intellectual; Jake Goldsbie is Jonah Haber, Liam’s more down-to-earth younger brother; Sarah Segal-Lazar acts out the role of Daphna Feygenbaum, the more traditional and no-nonsense cousin. Newcomer to the cast Ellen Denny is Liam’s non-Jewish girlfriend.

Performances are at 8 pm, those on Monday start at 7 pm, and there are three Sunday matinees and two on Wednesdays. Tickets start at $54 and group rates are available., or 514-739-2301

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  1. I would love to see this! Sounds like a great play.

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